The Perfect Gift App
A Design Sprint workshop to create a solution to help people with the gift buying process.

UX/UI Designer

New York, USA.
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The goal of this Design Sprint is a 5-day design framework for validating ideas and solving one big challenge. The big challenge here was to create a solution to help people with the gift buying process. The team had just 2 days to apply all the Design Sprint methodology that allowed us to rapidly conceive and test solutions.

We were an interdisciplinary team in New York, from different parts of the world, and it was the first time we all work together without knowing each other. This was actually the biggest challenge and the nicest part of the experience.
Day 1: Understand and Ideate

User Persona and Empathy Map 
We had Mike from Rumania, our user persona, who thought buying gifts for others is difficult. He doesn't like to move from his home to go shopping, but he doesn't buy products online either.
Long Term Goal: To Choose the Perfect Gift 

After analyzing Mike preferences, motivations and frustrations, we focused on the most critical flow for him: to decide how to buy the perfect gift. We defined this long-term goal to keep everyone moving in the same direction. It was important that the whole team engage with this goal to help us address the most important challenge and avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong part of the problem. 

After we defined our long term goal, we picked a target that allowed us to refine our challenge further by selecting the most difficult section on the map we need to figure out in order to validate our solution. The target was: "discovered a thoughtful gift", selected by reviewing our goal, questions, map & HMWs.

This target is where the team focused on creating a solution for during the rest of the sprint.
Day 2: Decide, Prototype and Test

Crazy 8s
Using the notes and doodles, each person took their strongest ideas and rapidly sketches 8 variations of rough solutions to address the target on our map.

Every sketch we keep it anonymous, but self-explanatory. After everyone's review, we voted for the ideas we liked and made notes about each, to get them together and create the one solution proposal.
User Testing

We made our interview script and prototype based on a storyboard in about 2 hours. Our goal was to refine our prototypes and solutions, to learn more about our user and to learn why things work, or don’t. 

While the interview and test were running, the rest of the team was out of the room taking notes about the user's impression.

The outcome from the people we tested was very positive, one friction point we discovered was to find a convenient place nearby to check for the item.

-Prototype: Sketch, Invision app.
-Testing: Hangouts, Cellphone camera.
The Result: The Perfect Gift App

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